No matter whether your Apple MacBook computer logic or motherboard displays signs of a failure after a liquid spill damage or due to other chip level or component level failure, we can diagnose and fix them quickly.

By combining our high end cleaning equipment with our advanced knowledge of circuit board repair, we are able to repair most MacBooks at an unbeatable price point

We work with almost all common logic board failure symptoms such as no chime or no video, computer will not turn on, computer overheating, power issues, unexpected error messages, repeated kernel panics, defective ports, distorted or scrambled video, NVIDIA GeForce graphics processor failure, system freezes or shuts down randomly and problem with Wi-Fi connection. We have the best BGA rework stations and diagnostic equipment to effectively perform logic board repair and replacement services down to the component level. Refix in Cape Town offers quick service turnaround depending on the level of service required and availability of spare parts.

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